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Watch actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. Our Control Center proactively monitors over 17,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.


Apartment thief breaks into multiple cars and is caught by police

Who’s watching your multifamily community when the staff is gone and residents are asleep? Stealth is - in Houston, Texas and cities and towns across the United States and Canada - and shows why you should always keep your car doors locked.

At 1:20am a man walks through a Houston, Texas apartment parking lot. He attempts to break into numerous vehicles by trying their door handles.

When your property manager goes home, Stealth Monitoring live video surveillance can be on the job. Our trained operators can watch multifamily parking lots, gates, alleys, the leasing office, the clubhouse, pools, laundry rooms, and other common areas. Stealth calls the local police about the man’s suspicious behavior and location.

The thief finds an unlocked car. He steals a bag from the trunk. He finds an unlocked truck and gets inside.

Multifamily communities seek to provide a secure environment for their residents.  But employees go home at the end of the day.  Gates can be pushed opened or jumped over.  Live security guards can be prohibitively expensive and only watch one part of an apartment complex at a time.  Security patrols typically only drive through the parking lots and only for a small amount of time. Stealth live video monitoring can provide more effective security at a fraction of the price of a security guard.

Houston police arrive soon after and stop directly behind the truck. They do a quick walk of the property and return to arrest the thief who gives up.

According to a Security Magazine article on remote surveillance cameras, security service costs can be greatly reduced without lowering service quality when live video surveillance and security cameras are combined. Security guard services that can be replaced with remote video surveillance include video camera monitoring, security escorts, visitor identification and verification, and guest tours at multifamily apartments, shopping centers, offices and warehouses, and other commercial properties. Guard costs that can be eliminated or reduced include live security guards, security patrols, guard benefits, uniforms, vehicles, and office space.

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