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Office Security Video

Watch actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. Our Control Center proactively monitors over 17,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.


Break-in at Medical Office Building results in an arrest

At 2:31am a man parks at a medical office building, the scene for our Catch of the Month. Offices contain clinical and lab equipment and drugs worth thousands of dollars, making them an attractive target for thieves.

The suspect has a crowbar. A few minutes later he walks to the secluded rear of the building. He looks around to make sure he's alone.

The man ignores the audio warning and breaks into the back door of an office suite. He's being watched by Stealth Monitoring operators using high resolution IP megapixel video cameras. The trained operators activate the warning and call the local police.

Police typically respond quicker to Stealth calls that report a live crime in progress. Stealth operators can tell police dispatchers where criminals and their vehicles are located, what they're doing, and what tools or weapons can be seen.

The first patrol car drives directly to the back where the suspect was last seen. The thief runs out a door directly into the arms of the law. He is quickly arrested.

Commercial real estate owners and managers need to protect their physical assets and tenant property and reduce premise liability. It's a challenge when criminal activity can occur at multiple buildings plus parking garages, lobbies, mailrooms, loading docks, dumpsters, back alleys, and other common areas. Office park and building crimes include break-ins, copper theft, vandalism, trespassing, glass breakage, and office and parking lot theft.

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