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Apartment Security Video

Watch actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. Our Control Center proactively monitors over 17,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.


Crowbar Thief Caught in Apartment Laundry Room

Our latest Catch of the Month shows Stealth Monitoring in action at an apartment complex.

At 2:46AM Stealth Monitoring operators observe a man wearing a hooded jacket with a crowbar enter a laundry room. Stealth Monitoring staff take note of the suspicious behavior and call the police.

Do you know what’s going on at your property late at night? Stealth Monitoring provides live video surveillance after you and your staff have gone home. Stealth gives both you and your tenants peace of mind that someone is watching 24 by 7.

The criminal quickly gets to work, using his crowbar to pry open the lock and money drawer.

Stealth advises police of crimes in progress and can provide precise information about perpetrator locations and actions in real-time.

Stealth Monitoring’s service enables officers to be on the scene and informed before the perpetrator can leave or has done much damage.

Stealth live monitoring and high quality IP megapixel video can provide a more effective and less costly alternative to traditional security. On-site guards can be expensive. Unlike a guard, Stealth can watch multiple key access points, such as gates, fences, parking lots, and common areas like laundry rooms, leasing office, pools, fitness centers, and mailboxes.

The police officers shine lights into the laundry room and direct the thief to give up. He quickly complies with no place to run.

Stealth Monitoring’s visible security with recorded video deliver attention that vandals, drug dealers, and undesirable visitors don't want. Property owners tell us crime and problems move away, which results in increasing occupancy and rental rates.

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