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Live Remote Video Surveillance

Watch actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. Our Control Center proactively monitors over 17,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.


Live Remote Video Surveillance: Trespassers Beware!

Do you know who is on your property late at night and weekends? You don't if you don't have remote video surveillance. No property wants a reputation for undesirable visitors, whether they’re sleeping trespassers, homeless, drug users, or other transient traffic.

Stealth watches your property with a remote video surveillance system when you’re not there. Here are just a few of the many trespassing incidents that resulted in Stealth operators protecting our clients’ business and reputation by calling to dispatch police.

Loiterers are a common problem for our business clients, including shopping centers, apartment complexes, auto dealers, and office buildings. Large properties typically don't have fences or walls along the entire perimeter to control access. When your staff goes home, there is little to stop undesirable visitors from coming in. That's why our customers install high resolution Internet video cameras with live remote video surveillance.

Trespassers can cause a range of problems for property owners. They represent a potential liability risk. Car and truck drivers race and make donuts that destroy parking lot surfaces and landscaping. Individuals on foot can deface, litter, and vandalize lawns, shrubbery, dumpsters, and buildings. Others use and distribute illegal drugs. Trespassers can result in a significant expense for you to clean, repair and maintain your grounds and facilities.

Trespassing often isn't a one-time occurrence. When loiterers learn you have no or insufficient video camera security, they can return and bring others, including criminals, to your property. Stores and offices can be broken into via storefront glass, back doors, and even the roof, resulting in significant damage and theft.

At this point the cost isn't just to your monthly expenses, it's to your income. Regular trespassers discourage legitimate property visitors and your ability to attract and retain tenants.

When Stealth operators see suspicious behavior with remote video surveillance, they can activate speaker alarms and call the police. Some individuals immediately leave. If they stay, they risk the police showing up. Stealth calls result in several apprehensions every month.

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