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Car Dealer Security Video

Watch actual footage captured by Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. Our Control Center proactively monitors over 17,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.


Reduce Car Damage Claims at the Service Lane

How many times has this happened to your auto dealership? A service customer comes to pick up their vehicle. He shows you dents, scrapes, broken parts, and other vehicle damage that he claims was caused by your service department. With no dealer service lane security, your dealership has no recourse and is forced to pay thousands of dollars for costly repairs. This happens every month to car and truck dealers across the country.

Typically there is nothing you can do to prove them wrong. Now there is.

Stealth Monitoring cameras feature high quality IP megapixel video. Position them in your dealer service lane to reduce and deter customer damage claims. The recorded video can be shown to customers to help protect your service department and save you thousands of dollars on repairs and insurance premiums.

One Texas new car dealer said "We were spending over $20,000 a month on customer claims for damage while their car was in for service. Thanks to Stealth Monitoring we have dramatically reduced those costs, because we can now show evidence of the damage to the car prior to entering our service drive."

Stealth auto dealer clients represent virtually all the top automotive brands. They locate cameras at entrances, lots, and buildings to deter vehicle and parts loss and damage. They've used Stealth to reduce or even eliminate security guard expenses.

Our customers also place cameras in dealer service lanes, showrooms, and repair bays to document cars before they go into the shop and show employees in the workplace. Video monitoring and reviews enable you to see and record what's happening in real-time to reduce service claims and increase worker productivity.

Stealth Monitoring is not only a security partner, but also an extension of your team. Focus on selling cars and we will focus on security, reducing customer claims, and improving efficiencies.

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