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pharmacy security Shopping Center Security

Pharmacy Security Cameras Alone Do Not Stop Burglars

Shopping center property managers, pharmacy chains, and retail store owners must assess pharmacy security as part of their business operations. Pharmacies have valuable assets such as cash and a huge supply of prescription drugs. Some pharmacies are already equipped with…

Bulwark Security Cameras Compatible Security Cameras

Bulwark Security Camera Monitoring for Video Surveillance

Bulwark security cameras are a popular commercial video camera manufacturer. They show up 39,400 times in Google search results. Bulwark security cameras can be a part of an effective security solution. Numerous studies (1, 2) show that video surveillance systems…

surveillance monitoring system Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Surveillance Monitoring System Quote of the Month

This month’s newsletter featured a surveillance monitoring system testimonial. Stealth’s real-time surveillance monitoring technology will be the standard of the future. -Police Chief Read the newsletter: Thief Smashes Store Window, Caught by Police Dog The following shopping center commercial property…

Cannabis Grow House Shopping Center Security

Cannabis Grow House Video Surveillance

A cannabis grow house can be an excellent investment. One family-owned marijuana growing business generated $8 million in annual revenue. But marijuana farms require large startup costs. The same family that owned this legal marijuana farm initially took out a…

proactive security Remote Security Guards

Proactive Security Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Properties

Commercial properties all over the United States and Canada take advantage of proactive security measures to reduce crime and loss and increase profitability. Shopping centers, office buildings, personal storage businesses, pharmacies, industrial sites, multifamily apartment complexes, and other commercial properties…

Day/Night Security Cameras Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Night Security Cameras Capabilities for Video Surveillance

Night security cameras for both day and night use have evolved with new features since their initial introduction in the security camera market. These security cameras are now used throughout the commercial marketplace, especially outdoor surveillance, including live video monitoring….

Day/Night Surveillance Cameras Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

How Day and Night Surveillance Cameras Work

Separate night surveillance cameras were typically used for evening and early morning monitoring. But today new technology has enabled integrated security cameras that are common for all light conditions and both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Security Magazine reported on day/night…