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Video Surveillance Systems Industrial Security

Can Industrial Video Surveillance Systems Prevent Theft?

Industrial properties are tempting targets for thieves, often because they are dark, isolated and rarely monitored. Surveillance systems can be beneficial in protecting valuable assets, however they can only really deter criminal activity when they are watched in real time.┬áStealth’s…

rooftop surveillance Shopping Center Security

Rooftop Surveillance System Protects Outdoor Assets

A customized rooftop surveillance system should have outdoor security cameras that can function in a variety of environmental factors. Stealth’s outdoor security cameras can continue to send live surveillance video to our monitoring centers in heavy rains, strong winds, snow,…

car dealer security Car Dealer Security

Car Dealer Security Measures to Decrease False Claims

Auto dealership owners and managers need to increase their car dealer security to protect their assets and business. Protecting a dealership from false claims, like fake injuries, incorrect business practices, and car damage, is one facet of security that often…