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Memphis video security News & Events

Memphis Video Security Happy Hour June 22

Stealth Monitoring invites real estate executives, property managers, and property owners to the Memphis video security happy hour Wednesday June 22, 2016 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM with complimentary drinks and appetizers. The reception will be held at Local Gastropub…

live video surveillance systems Security Tips

Memphis Experiences Live Video Surveillance Systems

The Memphis Police Department wanted to create and maintain public safety with live video surveillance systems. Their focus was to prevent and reduce crime. The Memphis police sought to protect the some of the city’s strongest assets. The video surveillance…

Wireless Surveillance Video Surveillance Monitoring and System Buyer’s Guide

Police Security Video: Wireless Surveillance System Credibility

Four police chiefs and commanders spoke on the importance of wireless surveillance system use at the 2015 International Security Conference. They agreed that remote surveillance led to both greater security and faster police response time. The panel – Law Enforcement…

Weatherproof Security Cameras Industrial Security

25963 Hosted Video: Weatherproof Security Cameras

Stealth Monitoring’s weatherproof security cameras caught something out of the ordinary. This camera was placed on the roof area of an industrial property. The industrial property was located in Dallas, Texas. Eerie bright lights appeared out of nowhere. The weatherproof…

scrap metal theft Copper Theft Prevention

Scrap Metal Theft Conviction for Recycling Center Owner

The owner of a recycling center was indicted for 202 counts of scrap metal theft. Between September 2012 and February 2015, the business took over 74,000 pounds of stolen nickel and copper telecommunication lines from West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky….