Articles by Shaun Dempsey

Remote Video Monitoring Security Tips

Remote Monitoring and Video Surveillance Guidance

Technology innovation has led to ongoing improvements in remote monitoring.  HD security cameras provide video surveillance operators high resolution images that can show theft and vandalism in real time. Video analytics and reporting abilities can be tailored to property management…

Shopping center security guards, live video monitoring, shopping plaza surveillance Shopping Center Security

The Best Security Guards

Who are the best security guards? Live security guards are a common visible deterrent in and around your local mall, shopping center, marijuana dispensary, office building, and other stores and commercial real estate locations. Security guards can be a business…

trucking surveillance Logistics & Trucking Security

Trucking Surveillance & Video Monitoring Security Technology

Trucking surveillance for transportation and logistics security has come a long way in a short time.  Remote video monitoring has significantly improved trucking security and access control, especially in remote locations. Commercial sites like warehouses and distribution centers are often manned…