Car Dealer Security

car dealer security Car Dealer Security

Car Dealer Security Measures to Decrease False Claims

Auto dealership owners and managers need to increase their car dealer security to protect their assets and business. Protecting a dealership from false claims, like fake injuries, incorrect business practices, and car damage, is one facet of security that often…

Auto Dealership Security Car Dealer Security

3 Auto Dealership Security Measures to Battle False Claims

Auto dealership security encompasses more than just a security guard patrolling the car dealership. It can also include accountability, surveillance cameras, and collaborative efforts with security professionals. These additional tips can help protect your car dealership from false claims and…

Car theft prevention Car Dealer Security

Car Theft Prevention in Memphis, Tennessee

A brand new Porsche dealership needed a better car theft prevention solution to keep an organized crew from stealing expensive inventory. A total of seven high-end sports cars were driven off a car dealership lot in Memphis, Tennessee. The stolen…