Copper Theft Prevention

copper theft statistics Copper Theft Prevention

Buyers Guide: Preventing Copper Theft

Copper theft prevention is increasingly important for commercial properties, especially warehouse and industrial sites, flex offices, shopping centers, and other locations with large amounts of copper and other metal systems, equipment, pipes, and fixtures. Real estate with outdoor HVAC units…

scrap metal theft Copper Theft Prevention

Scrap Metal Theft Conviction for Recycling Center Owner

The owner of a recycling center was indicted for 202 counts of scrap metal theft. Between September 2012 and February 2015, the business took over 74,000 pounds of stolen nickel and copper telecommunication lines from West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky….

Copper Theft Incidents Statistics

Copper theft incidents have tripled within the last five years in the United States. Between 2006-2008 there were a little more than 13,000 copper thefts. But between 2010-2012, according to statistics there were over 32,000 incidents of copper theft.  …

Copper Theft Insurance Claims in Ohio

Ohio leads the country in copper theft insurance claims, as well as other metals, according to a report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.   Ohio reported over 4400 insurance claims for metal theft from homes and businesses from…