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Wireless Video Monitoring Quote of the Month

  Wireless video monitoring The following wireless video monitoring  quote was featured in the Catch of the Month newsletter: Multifamily Apartment Car Thief Arrested “Our sites are located across the country, many in remote locations, and have always been a…

ip security Construction Site Security

IP Security Cameras for Video Surveillance

The video surveillance industry is shifting from analog CCTV to IP security cameras. These systems help improve security and business operations for commercial properties such as shopping centers, multifamily apartment complexes, car dealerships, industrial properties, and construction sites. IP security…

solar panel theft Industrial Security

Solar Panel Theft and Crime Increases

Solar plant theft is an increasing problem for the solar industry. Since 2011, solar panel prices and installation fees have decreased. Solar panel availability increased simultaneously. Major businesses and cities have mandated the use of solar panels. This shift will…

trucking video surveillance Industrial Security

Trucking Video Surveillance Can Help Deter Warehouse Crime

Trucking video surveillance is an often overlooked security solution for distribution centers, logistics hubs, warehouses, flex spaces, and truck yards. Some properties have no security to protect their valuable assets from trucks and cabs to their cargo to warehouse contents….

Industrial Security

Legal Marijuana Business Security for Stores, Growers & Warehouses

Legal medical and recreational marijuana businesses, such as collectives, growers, warehouses, distributors, and retail stores, all require marijuana business security. Weed-related businesses have significant assets to protect, from their cannabis inventory to pot and hemp products, such as edibles, drinks,…