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Trucking Surveillance & Video Monitoring Security Technology

Trucking surveillance for transportation and logistics security has come a long way in a short time.¬† Remote video monitoring has significantly improved trucking security and¬†access control, especially in remote locations. Commercial sites like warehouses and distribution centers are often manned…

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Trucking Video Surveillance Can Help Deter Warehouse Crime

Trucking video surveillance is an often overlooked security solution for distribution centers, logistics hubs, warehouses, flex spaces, and truck yards. Some properties have no security to protect their valuable assets from trucks and cabs to their cargo to warehouse contents….

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Legal Marijuana Business Security for Stores, Growers & Warehouses

Legal medical and recreational marijuana businesses, such as collectives, growers, warehouses, distributors, and retail stores, all require marijuana business security. Weed-related businesses have significant assets to protect, from their cannabis inventory to pot and hemp products, such as edibles, drinks,…

Logistics & Trucking Security

Trucking & Logistics Security: Protect Trailers and Freight

J.J. Coughlin, Chairman of the Southwest Transportation Security Council, filed this report on trucking and logistics security. Dallas Police statistics show that commercial crime incidents including trucking and other types are 10% lower over the last eight years. Police credit…

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Organized Crime Ring Targets Copper Theft

As the prices of base metals remain high, incidences of copper theft show no signs of slowing in Florida and nationwide. A number of recent thefts have been carried out by a highly organized crime ring.   The group, which…

Logistics & Trucking Security

Trucking Security: Industry Video Surveillance

I recently visited the video monitoring center of Stealth Monitoring to study trucking security. I was curious to see how live video surveillance might be used during in-transit truck or trailer and last mile courier moves. Stealth Monitoring management stated…