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Video: Surveillance Protection Catches Trespassers

What business surveillance protection do you have so you know who is on your company property late at night and weekends? Loiterers are a common problem for shopping centers, apartment buildings, and office parks. No property wants a reputation for…

Office Security

Parking Lot Vandalism at the New York MTA

Several unfortunate commuters returning to their cars at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) stop in Cold Spring, New York were shocked and dismayed to find parking lot vandalism. At least thirteen vehicles were victims of tire slashing. Police believe the…

Office Security

Video: Backdoor Break-In Office Theft Arrest

At 2:31am a man parks at a medical office building, the scene for our office theft Catch of the Month. Medical offices contain clinical and lab equipment and drugs worth thousands of dollars, making them an attractive target for thieves….