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Live Parking Garage Security System Leads to Arrest

Who’s watching your parking garage security cameras? A Stealth Monitoring shopping center operator saw a trespasser enter a client’s property after business hours. WATCH THE VIDEO:  Unsteady Trespasser Taken Into Dallas Police Custody – Parking Garage Security The trespasser stumbled…

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The Best Security Guards

Who are the best security guards? Live security guards are a common visible deterrent in and around your local mall, shopping center, marijuana dispensary, office building, and other stores and commercial real estate locations. Security guards can be a business…

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Remote Camera System Quote of the Month

“We are currently using a different remote service. Their response time is very slow. We have a 30 camera system. We had an attempted break in last night. It took them 15 minutes to call us. 15 minutes is way…

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Philadelphia Security Cameras Not Seen in Restaurant Crime Wave

No security cameras were reported as Chinese-American residents and business owners were victims of the Philadelphia crime wave. The string of robberies and harassment have occurred since October. The areas hit were in northeast, northwest, and southwest Philadelphia.  A former…

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Tampa Florida Crime Video Surveillance

Crime video was a part of all these Tampa-area Florida reports of burglary and theft. Tampa Florida crime at a popular national department store. The smash and grab robbery took place at 2:45am.  The four smash and grab suspects ran down…

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Shopping Center Video Surveillance Quote of the Month

Shopping Center Video Surveillance “Stealth Monitoring watches 4 of our shopping centers and has been vital in reducing security guard expenses. Stealth has deterred crime numerous times on our properties. We continue to be long term partners. ” – Sr….

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ATM Video Surveillance Doesn’t Stop Pennsylvania Theft

A smash and grab robbery in Covington Township, Pennsylvania resulted in an ATM theft despite ATM video surveillance. An on-site surveillance camera recorded the criminal activity. The suspects had a stolen vehicle, a long cable, and a chain. Live ATM…