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How Can I Prevent Loitering at My Shopping Center?

There are a number of ways for shopping centers, shopping plazas, and other types of retail properties to prevent loitering, a common problem at many businesses. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) defines loitering as people hanging around a place…

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Rooftop Surveillance System Protects Outdoor Assets

A customized rooftop surveillance system should have outdoor security cameras that can function in a variety of environmental factors. Stealth’s outdoor security cameras can continue to send live surveillance video to our monitoring centers in heavy rains, strong winds, snow,…

Storefront Damage Shopping Center Security

Vandals Cause Storefront Damage in New Mexico

Storefront damage is a growing problem. Vandals can spray paint, scratch, or break display windows at shopping centers, businesses and boutiques. Not only does the vandalism cause damage to the property, it could also damage a shopping center’s reputation. When…