Video Surveillance Monitoring & System Buyer’s Guide

Remote Video Monitoring Security Tips

Remote Monitoring and Video Surveillance Guidance

Technology innovation has led to ongoing improvements in remote monitoring.  HD security cameras provide video surveillance operators high resolution images that can show theft and vandalism in real time. Video analytics and reporting abilities can be tailored to property management…

Burglary Protection Security Tips

Commercial Burglary Prevention Tips

Commercial burglary prevention can be as simple as checking your doors or as complex as conducting a risk and safety assessment on your multifamily apartment community, industrial property, office space, or other commercial properties. These are a few commercial burglary…

Stealth Control Center for live video monitoring Video Surveillance Monitoring & System Buyer’s Guide

Proactive vs Reactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Many commercial property owners are studying proactive vs reactive video monitoring for their shopping center, car dealership, self-storage facility, multifamily apartment complex, or other commercial property. Property managers should know the difference between both video surveillance solutions to help protect…

Security Guard Video Surveillance Monitoring & System Buyer’s Guide

Buyers Guide: Security Guard Companies

Security guard companies are a popular security service for commercial properties like shopping centers, malls, car dealerships, office buildings, gated residential communities and apartments, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, self storage, marijuana dispensaries and farms, drugstores, and other businesses with outdoor and…

copper theft statistics Copper Theft Prevention

Buyers Guide: Preventing Copper Theft

Copper theft prevention is increasingly important for commercial properties, especially warehouse and industrial sites, flex offices, shopping centers, and other locations with large amounts of copper and other metal systems, equipment, pipes, and fixtures. Real estate with outdoor HVAC units…

apartment safety Apartment Complex Security

Multifamily Apartment Safety Security Tips

Multifamily apartment safety is more than just a gate around your property and apartment buildings. It can be as simple as checking the windows and locks for your tenants and prospective residents. Some security measures such as a video surveillance…

security cameras Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Buyers Guide: Video Security Cameras

Video surveillance cameras can be found everywhere. Shopping centers, multifamily apartments, industrial properties, car dealerships, and other commercial properties have taken advantage of the added security these cameras provide. Learn how they work and what you should know before purchasing…

Business Security Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Business Security Cameras for Video Monitoring Quality

For business security cameras, high quality video is critical to improving business security and protecting commercial real estate assets at shopping centers, office buildings, apartment communities, warehouses, self storage businesses, and other locations. A common misconception is that resolution is…

proactive security Video Surveillance Monitoring & System Buyer’s Guide

Proactive Security Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Properties

Commercial properties all over the United States and Canada take advantage of proactive security measures to reduce crime and loss and increase profitability. Shopping centers, office buildings, personal storage businesses, pharmacies, industrial sites, multifamily apartment complexes, and other commercial properties…

Day/Night Security Cameras Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Night Security Cameras Capabilities for Video Surveillance

Night security cameras for both day and night use have evolved with new features since their initial introduction in the security camera market. These security cameras are now used throughout the commercial marketplace, especially outdoor surveillance, including live video monitoring….