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Remote Video Monitoring Apartment Complex Security

Remote Video Monitoring Quote of the Month

Remote video monitoring testimonial “Stealth has been more than helpful in assisting us in any matter that is related to the property – archived files and live monitoring. I am completely satisfied with the level of service that we get.”…

Wireless Surveillance Systems Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Wireless Surveillance Systems Quote of the Month

Wireless surveillance systems testimonial “I have a problem with bums camping out in my parking lot, jumping the wall in to my court yard, stair well etc. I love the audio announcement feature. I think that would keep them moving…

Video analytics Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

How Video Analytics Software Can Increase Property Security

What is video analytics software? Video analytics software helps security operators analyze live surveillance video from analog and IP security cameras. This software enables control center operators to better identify threats when managing a large number of video surveillance cameras….

Surveillance Video Management Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

How to Select Your Security Video System

A security video system can augment your current multi-family, car dealership, industrial, shopping center, office, or other commercial property security solution. When selecting security video cameras and monitoring provider look at the big picture, effectively communicate your expectations, and treat…

Security Video Management Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

How to Select A Security Video Management Solution

Security video management is a necessary part of an effective surveillance system. The right video management software or service can augment your surveillance cameras and increase the safety of your multifamily apartment complex, government building, car dealership, shopping center, medical…

Proactive vs Reactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Many commercial property owners are studying proactive vs reactive video monitoring for their shopping center, car dealership, self-storage facility, multifamily apartment complex, or other commercial property. Property managers should know the difference between both video surveillance solutions to help protect…

video camera surveillance Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Commercial Video Camera Surveillance Compatibility

Does your property already have commercial video camera surveillance? If so, who’s watching your security cameras? Video camera surveillance is a significant security investment. Full system design and installation can run tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the…

surveillance monitoring system Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Surveillance Monitoring System Quote of the Month

This month’s newsletter featured a surveillance monitoring system testimonial. Stealth’s real-time surveillance monitoring technology will be the standard of the future. -Police Chief Read the newsletter: Thief Smashes Store Window, Caught by Police Dog The following shopping center commercial property…

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Buyers Guide: Video Security Cameras

Video surveillance cameras can be found everywhere. Shopping centers, multifamily apartments, industrial properties, car dealerships, and other commercial properties have taken advantage of the added security these cameras provide. Learn how they work and what you should know before purchasing…

Day/Night Security Cameras Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Night Security Cameras Capabilities for Video Surveillance

Night security cameras for both day and night use have evolved with new features since their initial introduction in the security camera market. These security cameras are now used throughout the commercial marketplace, especially outdoor surveillance, including live video monitoring….