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Live Video Monitoring Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

What Can Live Video Monitoring Do for Your Commercial Property?

Live video monitoring is a proactive enterprise security solution for many types of commercial properties including, warehouses, shopping centers, apartment complexes and auto dealerships. Many traditional surveillance systems only notify the police once a sensor is triggered. This often results…

security guard service Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Alternative Solution for a Security Guard Service

Many commercial and residential property managers seek out a security guard service to help protect their properties, employees, and residents from criminal activity. There are more than one million guards employed in the United States, which is significantly more than…

Video Forensics Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Video Forensics and How It Impacts Surveillance

Video forensics is the examination and comparison of video footage for legal matters. The process enhances, clarifies, or identifies events as they naturally happen. This technique uses non-destructive methods that preserve pixel quality. ┬áThe video footage is often used as…

remote surveillance Remote Security Guards

Top Remote Surveillance Techniques

Remote surveillance techniques have made impressive strides in the last few years. These techniques have given way to smarter and more effective live remote monitoring. Many commercial properties, from shopping centers to industrial properties, have taken advantage of the advancements…

Surveillance analytics Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Video Surveillance Analytics Augments Live Monitoring

Surveillance analytics is used to evaluate patterns and activity. It helps distinguish between a leaf blowing in the wind and an actual security threat. Commercial video surveillance systems integrate intelligent video analytics with their IP security cameras, which are often…

Remote Video Monitoring Apartment Complex Security

Remote Video Monitoring Quote of the Month

Remote video monitoring testimonial “Stealth has been more than helpful in assisting us in any matter that is related to the property – archived files and live monitoring. I am completely satisfied with the level of service that we get.”…

Wireless Surveillance Systems Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

Wireless Surveillance Systems Quote of the Month

Wireless surveillance systems testimonial “I have a problem with bums camping out in my parking lot, jumping the wall in to my court yard, stair well etc. I love the audio announcement feature. I think that would keep them moving…

Video analytics Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems

How Video Analytics Software Can Increase Property Security

What is video analytics software? Video analytics software helps security operators analyze live surveillance video from analog and IP security cameras. This software enables control center operators to better identify threats when managing a large number of video surveillance cameras….