Outdoor Asset Security for Commercial Properties

outdoor asset protection
outdoor asset protection

Outdoor asset security is important for protection from vandalism and theft threats. Outdoor assets that need protection include HVAC units, cars, trucks, and vans, shipping containers, warehouse and construction equipment, and inventory.

How can I increase my outdoor asset security?

Thieves and vandals can be persistent so you may want to increase your outdoor asset security. Asset protection can help secure commercial properties like corporate campuses and parks, office buildings, flex spaces, warehouses, multifamily apartments, car dealerships, self-storage facilities, parks, golf courses, and recreational areas.

A good first step is to add or improve a fence. A fence is a physical barrier that makes it difficult for thieves and vandals to gain access.

Another way to increase outdoor asset security is an on-site security guard.  Guards can help deter criminal activity.   Criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they feel they will get caught and identified. However security guards have limitations.  A guard can only be in one location at a time.  Plus smart criminals watch for behavioral patterns.  They can strike when and where a security guard is not present. Security guards can also be a liability if they are not prepared, trained, or get injured.

Remote surveillance cameras and monitoring are the next step in increasing outdoor asset security.  For best coverage security cameras can be installed to watch gates, roofs, parking lots, parking garages, alleys, swimming pools, storage facilities, and dumpsters.

A trained monitor can virtually watch over multiple areas of your commercial property at the same time. High resolution IP cameras can help detect a trespasser or suspicious behavior on your property. Surveillance analysts are trained to look for behavior patterns and assess a situation. If the situation requires investigation or intervention, the remote operator can contact the local police, an employee, or a security guard on duty. The camera video allows the monitor to provide a security guard and police with a description of criminal activity and suspects.

Stealth Monitoring and UCIT Online are the leader in live video surveillance in the U.S. and Canada with over 400 employees, 9 offices, and 3 live video monitoring control centers.  Stealth remote video monitoring watches over 15,000 cameras and can detect and deter crime at multifamily apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, auto dealerships, construction sites and other types of commercial businesses.  Our virtual security guard service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance operator can see unusual activity like trespassing, vandalism, theft and property damage, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please call toll-free (866) 382-3873 or contact Stealth today for more information on outdoor asset security. Visit Stealth’s web site to see actual videos of criminals being arrested at a range of commercial real estate properties.