Stealth Monitoring at the ICSC Conference

Stealth Monitoring is proud to announce that we will be attending the International Council of Shopping Centers on November 2-4, exhibiting our industry leading video monitoring services that are revolutionizing the security industry. With the rise of unemployment and the…

Stealth Monitoring on CBS DFW

Stealth Monitoring has been been featured in a story on CBS DFW about our relationships with local police departments in the community. Watch the full video and read the article.  

Logistics & Trucking Security

Trucking Security: Industry Video Surveillance

I recently visited the video monitoring center of Stealth Monitoring to study trucking security. I was curious to see how live video surveillance might be used during in-transit truck or trailer and last mile courier moves. Stealth Monitoring management stated…

Retail Loss Prevention

Retailers are struggling to reduce costs and shrinkage to survive the pressures of competition. Some of the most significant retailer’s expenses are employee theft, customer theft, vandalism and third party theft. In order to mitigate these losses, many retailers are…

Security Services in the Insurance Industry

It is apparent that technology and managed services are available today to reduce crime and reduce losses incurred by the insurance industry. In order to maximize the benefit to all parties, the insurance companies, security providers, and businesses must communicate their needs and standards should be set. The insurance industry is slow to change and refuses to develop a strategy to embrace the benefits.