Marijuana Security Crime News

Marijuana Dispensary Security at New California Weed Town

After the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California, lawmakers released a series of proposals that included marijuana dispensary security. The proposal stated that cannabis dispensaries are required to have video surveillance. This news could impact an American company’s newest…

Flood Monitoring Disaster Planning and Recovery

Flood Monitoring During Hurricane Harvey

Stealth Monitoring can be a key strategic partner in commercial property disaster planning and recovery, including flood monitoring.  Hurricane Harvey’s harsh rain, wind, and flood conditions threatened thousands of Texas and Louisiana  commercial sites, including  buildings, vehicles, and other assets….

linksys security cameras Compatible Security Cameras

Linksys Security Camera Monitoring for Video Surveillance

Linksys security cameras are a popular commercial video camera manufacturer. They show up 496,000 times in Google search results. Linksys security cameras can be a part of an effective security solution. Numerous studies (1, 2) show that video surveillance systems…

ASIS 2017 News & Events

Connect with Stealth in DFW and at ASIS 2017

Are you a security executive or commercial real estate owner or manager interested in reducing trespassers and crime? Stealth Monitoring, North America’s leader in live video surveillance, invites you to attend several upcoming Dallas events being held in conjunction with the…

apartment damage Apartment Complex Security

Protect Your Multifamily Property from Apartment Damage

Multifamily apartment damage can increase operational costs and decrease apartment marketability.  Tenant lawsuits can compound your business risk. Multi-residential property managers want to protect their assets and investments.  They should assess their property and find vulnerabilities. Proactive measures can lead…