Parking Garage Damage at Multifamily Apartment Properties

Parking Garage Damage
Parking Garage Damage

Parking garage damage at multifamily apartment complexes not only can increase operational expenses, but could potentially harm a commercial property’s reputation and value. The damage could make a commercial property look unsafe and possibly decrease the number of tenants or visitors to a site.

Watch the Video: Parking Garage Damage Protection – Gate Damage Compilation

The first parking garage damage incident took place at the security gate. A car approached the gate and the driver pressed the keypad for several minutes.  When the gate didn’t open, the driver pulled forward and rammed into the security gate. Stealth Monitoring called the on-site security guard, who arrived in a golf cart to assess the property damage. Stealth Monitoring’s parking garage security cameras captured the vehicle’s license plate. This video can be used as evidence in documenting the incident.

The second incident of parking garage damage occurred at a multifamily apartment complex.  At 1:55 a.m.,  a white sedan stopped in front of the automatic gate. A male in a hoodie walked toward the security gate and placed a plastic cone on its path. The sedan left the residential property. Moments later, someone removed the cone. The security gate appeared to have been damaged. A woman manually pushed the security gate open in order for cars to exit the parking garage.

Multifamily apartment damage and parking garage damage are growing problems in the United States. Many times, multifamily apartment damage occurs as a side effect of theft. One prospective Stealth client said his apartment property has experienced an outbreak of theft-related incidents, most of which occurred in the parking garage.  In one night, the residential community representative said that his car and two others received damage in an attempted auto theft. He felt that an intelligent video surveillance solution could help combat this problem.

Stealth Monitoring and UCIT Online are the leader in live video surveillance in the U.S. and Canada with over 400 employees, 11 offices, and 3 live video monitoring control centers. Stealth proactive video monitoring watches over 17,000 IP and CCTV security cameras. Our security solutions feature advanced technology and can detect and deter crime while reducing security guard and other expenses. Stealth’s remote monitoring service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance operator can see suspicious activity, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please call toll-free (866) 382-3873 or contact Stealth today for more information to protect your outdoor assets. Visit the Stealth web site to see real videos of criminals being arrested at construction sites, multifamily apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, auto dealerships, and other commercial real estate properties.

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