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security guard service
security guard service

Many commercial and residential property managers seek out a security guard service to help protect their properties, employees, and residents from criminal activity. There are more than one million guards employed in the United States, which is significantly more than the 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers. And the demand for security guards will more than likely increase. As a result, security guard companies may not be able to keep up with adequate training and regulations, which could put residential and commercial properties at risk.

Security guard service companies vary in their training protocols, however there is no federal standard for armed guards. Armed security guards can carry guns without fire arm training in 15 states. Nine states do not require federal criminal background checks and very few check whether security guard candidates ever abused drugs or alcohol. In many locations, a person can work as a security guard regardless of prior experience or history. This data comes from a year-long investigation by CNN and The Center of Investigative Reporting.

According to this same investigation, some armed security guards actually had criminal records associated with domestic violence, drug and alcohol-related offenses, or disciplinary issues from their employment as police officers.

Another concern for properties hiring a security guard service is to understand that some security guards form relationships with the residents, guests, and employees they are hired to protect. This could impact their objectivity. As a result, the hired guard can overlook certain criminal activities involving ‘friends.’ Guards can also have lapses in judgment. They may react incorrectly or not at all. Security guard service employees are unable to be at multiple places simultaneously, which can cause them to miss criminal activity. All of these factors can lead to liability issues, property damage, and financial loss.

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