How Can You Increase Warehouse Security?

warehouse security
warehouse security

Did you know cargo thefts cost businesses around $114 million a year? It’s no wonder that figure is so high. With large, often unmonitored buildings filled with stacks of merchandise, warehouses are easy targets for criminals.

Even though you think your property is secure, there are some things you can do to help guard against criminal activity, including maintaining the physical structure of the building, as well as ensuring there is plenty of lighting.

Physical Structures

It’s important for companies to maintain proper warehouse conditions and fix any imperfections immediately. Sneaky criminals can easily take advantage of holes or broken locks to gain access into the property. Installing a fence around the perimeter can often deter warehouse theft, however, the solution is not foolproof. Persistent criminals can climb over fences or cut holes through them.

In addition, faulty wires and loose debris can be enough to trigger security sensors and cause false alarms, which tend to receive low priority from police. If a crime does occur at your warehouse, too many false alarms may result in a slower police response time.


Criminals tend to strike at night when it’s dark and employees have gone home. Warehouse owners should consider installing additional lighting throughout the property, making sure entrances and inventory are well lit. Outdoor lighting discourages intruders by increasing their risk of being caught. The best lighting allows for better physical detection and minimizes hiding spots.


Monitored Warehouse Security Camera System 

Perimeter fences and lighting may not be enough on their own to deter criminal activity. Traditional security camera systems can capture criminal activity on video and be used to help police in their investigation.

A warehouse security camera system augmented with live video monitoring can proactively deter criminal activity in real-time. Click the video bellow to see how are warehouse security system helped police locate and arrest a would-be thief.

Stealth Monitoring’s remote warehouse security system includes strategically-placed HD IP cameras that are watched live by trained security operators. Thanks to video analytics, our operators can monitor multiple areas of a property simultaneously. The customized software will automatically detect suspicious movement and notify the operator, who will determine its relevance and act accordingly. If warranted, they can activate an on-site speaker and call local police. They can also stay on the line with responding officers to provide critical information about the suspects, including a description and location.

Your warehouse is home to a lot of expensive inventory. Used in combination, proper lighting, a well-maintained structure and monitored video surveillance can help keep these assets protected.

Contact us to learn more about our how live video monitoring solutions can help you.


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