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Stealth Monitoring designs, installs, services, and live monitors security solutions nationwide. We've helped clients across the country save money through proactive video monitoring. The following are just a few of our success stories. Contact us to learn more.

Stealth Wins Insurance Award For Copper Theft Prevention.

A retail center property manager received a phone call from a tenant about a non-functioning HVAC unit. Upon further investigation, the manager discovered that many HVAC units had been damaged. Multiple copper parts had been stripped from the unit. The system had to be completely replaced, leaving some tenants without power for days and drastically hurting their business.

Stealth Monitoring designed a security plan to deter this problem from happening again. Cameras were installed at strategic locations. Stealth proactively watched the cameras at night when the tenants were closed.

Copper theft is on the rise. Many insurance companies are beginning to exclude metal coverage from their policies. Stealth introduced its forward-thinking solution for the shopping center with the Insurance Association. The solution garnered Stealth a national insurance award for Most Innovative Service to reduce risk and claims. Stealth live monitoring could eventually bring about a reduction in insurance premiums as success data continues to build.

Auto Dealership Saves Money and Gets Better Security.

A Dallas-based auto dealership spent an average of $10,000 per month on salaries and benefits for security guards to watch the property at nights and on weekends. Stealth Monitoring's surveillance system replaced the guards and now watches the property 96 hours per week, including overnight from 6 pm to 6 am and 24 hours on Sunday when the dealership is closed. Stealth's trained operators are able to watch more places at one time than a guard and can interact with onsite traffic via audio or response teams. After paying for installation of the system, the dealership broke even after four months and now enjoys savings of $9,000 a month or about $100,000 a year. With 10 locations, the dealership group is saving close to $1 million per year and benefiting from more thorough monitoring than with other security technologies.

Apartment Complex Improves Value by Reducing Crime.

An apartment complex had only 30% occupancy due to drug deals, serious crimes and property damage that marred its image. The problems occurred so frequently that guards were being laughed at, paid off and even seriously injured. Some residents were too scared to be outside at night since none of the security initiatives were effective. When the owner wanted to hire a police officer to patrol the property, he was told he had to pay for two officers for safety reasons -- something that proved to be cost-prohibitive.

Stealth Monitoring consulted with the owners to design a comprehensive solution that included client education on proven combinations of perimeter fencing, guard hours and virtual surveillance services. Stealth added signage, monitored the property every night from 10 pm to 6 am, provided incident evidence to the onsite property manager, and trained her to on how to watch her own cameras on a dedicated screen in her office, The result? People who caused problems began to move out.

The overall installation cost was approximately $50,000, which included controlled and locked perimeter fencing, plus $2,000 per month in monitoring and service fees. This was a vast improvement over the nearly $20,000 a month in guard fees and property damage repair the client had been paying. Within 18 months, the occupancy went from 30% to 77% and the average rent per unit increased by $100.