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Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial property tenants typically don't operate throughout the night and are subject to significant risk of theft and vandalism. Landlords have additional responsibilities. HVAC units, copper lines, transformers, and vacant units are major fixtures that are at risk of being vandalized without appropriate security. Certain locations might rarely have issues and others experience repetitive break-ins and damage that cost money and annoy tenants.

Industrial clients from single tenant vacant sites to multi-tenant 100% occupied properties use Stealth Monitoring live surveillance. New construction projects distinguish their property from their neighbors by installing advanced security. Even the land itself can be more valuable in a lower demographic neighborhood when Stealth outdoor security is in place. Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights only do so much

Factories, warehouses and industrial facilities face both interior and exterior vulnerabilities. Stealth Monitoring lessens your liability by increasing security around office areas, glass windows, vacant spaces, and warehouse buildings. An on-site guard is an expensive option and opens your complex to accountability should the guard become injured or injure another on the job. We have designed numerous customized security solutions for truck court areas, outdoor assets, utility lines, rooftop HVAC units, interior assets, manufacturing equipment, inventory, and much more with a more cost-effective approach than security guards.


Stealth remote video surveillance watches the outside of your property. When monitors see suspicious activity they can play speakers and call police, often before criminals break in to buildings and cause damage, theft, and loss to outdoor & indoor assets. PROACTIVE LIVE MONITORING


A single stolen copper incident can cost $10,000 to replace a damaged HVAC system. Stealth live video surveillance helps businesses improve security and protect against metal theft by monitoring rooftops, fences, gates, alleys, and other remote locations. COPPER THEFT


On-site guards are expensive and can only be in one place at a time. Stealth Monitoring's virtual security service with live surveillance and video cameras replaces traditional guards, typically providing greater coverage at up to 80% off the cost. REMOTE SECURITY GUARDS