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Your Monthly Dispatch Video: Apartment Mailbox Bomber in Washington DC

Our Catch of the Month takes place in front of a Class C apartment building in Washington DC. Stealth watches 3 properties for this client in 3 different states, which has resulted in 403 video incidents, 58 police dispatches, and 3 arrests.

Catch of the Month

Apartment Mailbox Bomber in Washington DC

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At 12:32am a male suspect enters the camera view. He’s likely known by the community as he’s friendly with the passengers of a waiting car. He opens the door to help a woman with her infant and talks to the driver. He approaches the mailboxes where a female accomplice joins him. Suddenly they run away ...

Meet Stealth in Dallas and Phoenix

Stealth is on the road again this Fall. Come meet us in person and learn about our industry-leading live video monitoring. Below are Rick and Adam from our booth at the August ICSC conference in Florida.

  • Oct 27 IPA Multifamily Forum, Dallas
  • Nov 4-6 ICSC Texas Conference & Deal Making, Dallas
  • Dec 1-4 ICSC CenterBuild Conference, Phoenix

Stealth booth ICSC Florida

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Car Windows Smashed at Apartment & Shopping Center in Florida and Indiana

The parking lot of a condominium in Hollywood, Florida was strewn with glass after thieves smashed the windows of dozens of vehicles in order to steal valuables left inside.  Police are investigating another series of car break-ins around busy shopping centers. The properties did not have proactive live video surveillance. >> READ MORE

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"Stealth Monitoring has seriously helped me improve my properties by minimizing damage and improving marketability. Stealth live video surveillance has deterred crime numerous times on my property and resulted in multiple arrests. It can pay for itself on the first incident from copper thieves to dumpster divers. Our shopping center is significantly safer for tenants and their customers, which increases my property value."
- Shopping Center Owner

About Stealth

Stealth Monitoring, headquartered in Dallas, TX, was founded in 2006 to provide world-class surveillance services and technology. Stealth is a leader in live video monitoring for the commercial security industry with over 15,000 watched digital cameras nationwide. Stealth monitors cameras proactively to try to reduce and deter crime and has often been able to telephone police to arrest criminals in real time. Stealth calls to dispatch police every night, which often results in an arrest.

Clients include shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, auto dealers, schools, and other businesses with outdoor assets. They range from large global enterprises to single location companies. Stealth clients can reduce external and internal theft, vandalism, and property damage, as well as reduce or eliminate guard expenses.

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