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Security Guard Partners

Stealth’s Guard Partner Program enables select guard companies to combine their traditional guarding services with Stealth remote video monitoring solutions. For years Stealth has worked as a technology partner with both regional and large international guard businesses to bring customers an all-inclusive security offering.

There are 4 primary benefits for combining guarding services with Stealth remote video monitoring solutions:

  • Competitive Pricing: Utilizing video monitoring can reduce the number of physical guards required or the number of guarding hours necessary at one location. This can give security companies the ability to offer more competitive pricing, providing more leverage to win new business or minimize the loss of clients due to budgetary issues.
  • Higher Margins: Reselling Stealth video monitoring services can provide guard companies with higher net cash flows than traditional guard services, even in instances where guard hours are reduced.
  • Safety & Accountability: Combining guards with technology creates a safer work environment for guard employees with more accountability. Stealth monitoring operators can provide reports for guard partners, ensuring that their workers are adhering to company procedures.
  • Relevant Expertise: Partnering with Stealth allows guarding businesses to focus on their core competencies, while leaving the technology component to the experts. Allowing each company to do what they do best provides a better overall customer experience.

The program gives our partners:

  • All-inclusive security offerings
  • Ability to reduce the number of physical guards required or guarding hours for more competitive pricing
  • Opportunity to win new business or minimize client loss due to budgetary issues
  • Higher net cash flows
  • Safer work environment for guard employees
  • Reports provided for guard partners
  • Ability to focus on your core competencies – leave technology to us
  • Opportunity to provide better customer experience

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Stealth remote video surveillance watches the outside of your property. When monitors see suspicious activity they can play speakers and call police, often before criminals break in to buildings and cause damage, theft, and loss to outdoor & indoor assets. PROACTIVE LIVE MONITORING


A single stolen copper incident can cost $10,000 to replace a damaged HVAC system. Stealth live video surveillance helps businesses improve security and protect against metal theft by monitoring rooftops, fences, gates, alleys, and other remote locations. COPPER THEFT


On-site guards are expensive and can only be in one place at a time. Stealth Monitoring's virtual security service with live surveillance and video cameras replaces traditional guards, typically providing greater coverage at up to 80% off the cost. REMOTE SECURITY GUARDS