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How Is Technology Changing the Construction Industry?

Data from McKinsey and Company reveals that labor productivity in construction has not kept up with overall economic productivity. The part that will not surprise…

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Construction Security: Trespassers Can Run, But They Can’t Hide from Stealth.

Two individuals walked into a construction site after hours when no one was around. Our trained Stealth security operator immediately activated the on-site speaker, which was ignored. The operator contacted police. When responding officers walked into the site, the suspects tried to run. They were stopped in their tracks and taken away in handcuffs.

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One Solution Can Help Solve Your Construction Site Security Issues

Making sure your construction site is safe and secure is important to the success of your project. Watch this video to see if you can relate to any of these issues.

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Top 3 Things You Need for the Best Construction Site Safety

Construction accidents are more expensive than you think. That’s because of hidden costs such as training a replacement worker, investigating the incident, repairing damages, and…

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