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Fight Breaks Out in Apartment Parking Lot; Ends in Arrest

Around 8:30 p.m., a well-trained Stealth security operator saw many individuals walking around and engaging with each other in a multifamily residential parking lot.

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What Are the Best Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety?

The National Safety Council estimates work injuries in 2019 cost $171 billion in medical expenses, productivity loss, and administrative costs. In the same year, 105…

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Arrest of Suspect Breaking into Apartment Mailboxes

A highly trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a female come into camera view of a multifamily residential community’s mail center.

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Top 3 Things to Consider for Commercial Security Systems

More and more companies are ending up in the news when something gets stolen, especially when the stolen asset involves company and customer data. Additionally,…

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Why More Companies Are Adopting Remote Video Surveillance

Technology adoption has soared to new levels since 2020. A year that forced companies to do more business online. With many office workers switching to…

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