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Pair Busted Trespassing on Colorado Construction Site

At approximately 4:18 a.m., Stealth security operators observing a Colorado construction site took notice of two individuals trespassing on the site after having quickly breached perimeter fencing.

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Construction Fence-Hopper Stopped with Help from Remote Video Monitoring

Nighttime in Colorado, and Stealth security professionals monitoring a construction site spot an individual approaching the fence line surrounding the snowy perimeter.

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Colorado Construction Site Theft Stopped with Remote Video Monitoring

Long after workers were done for the day, a Stealth security professional noticed a dark colored pickup truck pulling up outside the perimeter fencing at a Colorado construction site.

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Trespasser Treks Through Snow on Construction Site

Late night in Colorado, a Stealth security professional spotted an individual entering a snow-covered construction site.

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Bicycle Rider Trespasses on Construction Site and Gets Arrested

In this video, an individual was seen placing a bicycle on top of a construction site perimeter fence, then crawling under it to gain access to the site.

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