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Remote Video Monitoring Leads Police to Construction Trespasser

In this video, an individual was seen approaching the fence surrounding an active construction site.

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Trespasser Arrested after Vandalizing Construction Site

A Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual open a perimeter fence panel and enter a construction site after hours.

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Remote Video Monitoring, Not Perimeter Fence, Deterred Construction Trespassers

Two people, wrapped in blankets, were seen entering a construction site after hours by pushing the fence apart then walking in.

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PTZ Camera Tracks Construction Site Trespasser

A Stealth Monitoring security professional, using a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video surveillance camera, spotted an individual approaching the construction site’s fence line.

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Police Escort Trespasser Off Construction Site

Early one morning, an individual was seen on this developer’s active construction site. One of our trained monitoring operators noticed an individual trespass from a blind spot, entering an unfinished building.

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