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What You Need to Do to Secure Your Multifamily Construction Project

The next time you prepare to start a multifamily construction project, how will you secure the building? Do you have a process in place for…

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Tips for Securing Your Multifamily Residential Laundry Room

In this video, two incidents of loitering in an apartment community's laundry room lead to an arrest.

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Get the Best Access Control for Your Property with This Checklist

Access control is one of the most effective security solutions for commercial properties and apartments. It’s a simple way to manage who can and cannot…

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Why You Need Video Monitoring at Your Apartment Complex

The sad fact is that apartments have an 85 percent greater likelihood of being burglarized than single-family-homes according to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)….

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Awesome Apartment Amenities: The Problems and the Solutions

Multi-family residential tenants love amenities. When they shop for the ideal apartment, they compare apartment amenities. The more amenities available, the better. However, as a…

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