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Everything You Need to Know About Construction Site Security

Get Our Complete Guide to Construction Best Practices: Site Safety and Security Solutions That Work The construction industry builds the homes we live in, the…

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Okanagan Construction Site Thefts on The Rise

Construction sites in Okanagan, BC are being targeted for heavy equipment, as well as the trailers needed to transport the equipment. Thieves took a mini…

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Toronto Crane Climber’s Potentially Fatal Climb Leads to Guilty Sentencing

There has been a huge increase in crane climbing in last few years. This can be heavily attributed to social media. Adrenaline-fueled enthusiasts scale cranes…

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Construction Trends: Resilient Construction Designs and Increased Costs

Experts predict there will be a 6% construction growth in the southern region of the United States. Texas is forecasted to have the strongest growth…

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How Big Data Can Revolutionize the Construction Industry

Big data. This relatively new term is tossed around a lot in the business world but what does it mean? Big data describes the large…

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