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What Are the Effects of Inflation on Construction?

According to NextAdvisor, inflation hit a 40-year high in December 2021. Everyone and every industry have been touched by the side effects of inflation. This…

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Top 8 Construction Trends in the Next 10 Years

The next decade of construction trends does not contain too many surprises. These trends have been growing across multiple industries. It’s important to stay on…

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The Need to Invest in Construction Digital Transformation

The construction industry rarely comes to a standstill. It’s fortunate to be a fairly recession-proof business. The only time jobsites shut down was during the…

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4 Ways to Mitigate the Top Construction Security Risks

One of the most important things in the construction industry is to create a plan and implement controls to lower the risk of injuries and…

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What Can You Do About the Growing Problem of Construction Theft?

Early 2020 saw the construction industry hit one of the lowest rates of activities in years. It then came roaring back to see unprecedented growth…

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