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ISRI Convention & Exposition 2023

Preserving the security of the valuable assets at your scrap yard or recycling facility can be challenging. Afterall, there are numerous threats such as theft, vandalism and fire. Thieves often target scrap thinking there isn’t adequate protection, and they can quickly make off with untraceable treasures. Managing these risks, as well as keeping employees safe is critical and requires a smart security solution.

Stealth Monitoring’s team of scrap facility security specialists will be in attendance at the ISRI Convention & Exposition 2023 to showcase our live video monitoring security solution. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to help deter crimes in real time.

Our team will have real examples of how we have helped scrap and recycling facilities across North America deter theft and damage, mitigate false claims and save money on their monthly security expenses.

Schedule a time to meet one-on-one with them to learn how we can do the same for you. We look forward to seeing you at Booth 1942!



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