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6 Ways to Deter Crime When It’s on the Rise

Many companies are laying off their employees. Inflation has been a thorn for a while. These and many other signs indicate a recession is coming….

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Homeless Individual Behaving Erratically in Front of Shopping Center

Around 8:00 one night, a Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed someone loitering in front of a shopping center and behaving strangely.

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Group Caught Dumpster Diving Behind Shopping Center

Just after midnight, a Stealth Monitoring security professional observed someone approach the dumpster behind a Georgia shopping center.

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Car Theft Statistics You Need to Know About

The news isn’t good. The U.S. continues to experience a steep increase in catalytic converter and car thefts. Here is the data you must know…

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Breaking and Entering into Shopping Center Storefront

In this video, a Stealth Monitoring security professional saw someone trying to open the front door of a shop in a retail center around 6:15 in the morning.

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