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Shooting Captured in Video Evidence at Shopping Mall

Authorities in Beltsville, Maryland had concrete evidence in hand following a shooting at a strip mall. That’s because the unknown shooter was caught by video…

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Generator Theft in Annapolis Shopping Center

Thieves in the Annapolis region were bold enough to not just try stealing merchandise from a Shopping Center, but to instead take an entire generator….

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Air Conditioner Copper Theft in Southwestern Austin

Copper is one of the most easily accessible and stolen metals. Copper is so valuable that thieves decided to target the metal instead of taking…

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Stop Strip Mall Graffiti

A vandal sent Fort Collins, Colorado police on a futile search last month. Early on a Sunday morning, a tagger sprayed graffiti on a string…

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Commercial Burglaries Get Police Involved

Business owners learned the value of real-time video monitoring the hard way in Albuquerque. A rash of commercial burglaries and thefts kept police busy with…

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