Apartment Loiterer Tries to Break into Vehicles

Around 10:00 one night, a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a suspicious person lingering around a Dallas-area apartment parking lot. The suspect was going in between parked vehicles. Our operator called to dispatch local police. Officers arrived on the scene minutes later and took the individual into custody.

You know how criminal activity can affect your multifamily community. An effective security solution which includes video surveillance with live monitoring can help ensure the safety of your residents by helping to reduce vandalism, trespassing, theft and other criminal activity.

Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch for suspicious activity in real time. If they see something, like a person loitering in the parking lot late at night, they can take immediate action.

Current residents will be more likely to stay put if they know you are making their safety a priority. If you would like more information on how you can do that, contact us.