Arrest of Shopping Center Dumpster Diver

Around 11:15 p.m., our trained security operators saw some individuals loitering behind a shopping center in Brunswick, Georgia. One suspect was seen crawling into the dumpster, followed minutes later by another person. Because of the nature of their activity, our operators called the local police.

Officers arrived on the property with flashlights and directed the trespassers to exit the dumpster. One of the suspects was arrested and placed inside the squad car.

Dumpster diving on someone else’s property can often qualify as trespassing and theft if anything is taken from the property. Liability can also be a concern for property managers. If a trespasser gets injured on your property, it is often up to you to prove you took reasonable care to prevent access to certain areas.

Live video monitoring can help keep your shopping center safe while minimizing liability and reducing costly guard expenses.