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Construction Site Thief Arrested

Posted by Blake Mitchell on May 24, 2021

A suspect approached a construction site’s fence line after hours. He gained entry into the site then briefly opened the C-can before proceeding to the building under construction. He disappeared from camera view.

A trained Stealth security operator was watching and contacted police, informing the dispatcher of the suspect’s whereabouts. A team of officers arrived within minutes and located the trespasser. They placed him in handcuffs and walked him off the site.

Many thefts that take place on a construction site are crimes of opportunity. For example, someone passes by a site and sees materials and tools left out. They quickly climb the fence, grab a few things and exit as quickly as they entered.

What they don’t count on is someone watching them commit the crime, but that’s what happens when you implement remote video monitoring. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to catch crimes before or while they are occurring. If the operator determines there is suspicious activity going on, they can activate an on-site speaker warning and call local authorities.

Our proactive solution can save up to 60 percent when compared to guards to give you the highest level of security while minimizing liability.

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