Construction Trailer Break-In

An individual was seen entering a construction site on Christmas Day. The trespasser accessed the site by squeezing under a gap in the fence. He approached a trailer, removed the window screen and opened the window. He then walked away. A Stealth security operator was watching and called local police.

The trespasser walked around the trailer and approached the same window. He stuck his arm inside and appeared to remove something. Again, he walked away and continued roaming the site. The perpetrator entered one of the buildings under construction where he remained out of camera view.

Officers arrived to search the area. The suspect attempted to escape, however the police were able to intercept and arrest him.

When you’re away from your construction site, you know things can go wrong. Trespassing and break-ins are not uncommon. While it’s impossible to completely keep determined intruders out, you can take proactive measures that will help protect your assets.

Remote video monitoring combines advanced technology and human intelligence. Using analytics-based cameras, trained security operators monitor your entire project in real time. If something suspicious occurs, the operators can assess the situation and act appropriately. This means activating an on-site speaker to warn the trespassers they are being watched and contacting local authorities.

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