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Construction Trespassers Intercepted in the Intersection

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Apr 28, 2021

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted two people trespassing inside multiple unfinished housing units on a construction site. The pair exited the structures carrying several items they had picked up inside. They also managed to successfully open the door of a storage container, then entered it. Our monitoring operator contacted local authorities.

The trespassers walked to an intersection in the area just as police were arriving. Responding officers intercepted the suspects. After further questioning, one of the individuals was arrested, the other was released.

Because construction equipment, materials and tools are often left out in the open, they are especially susceptible to damage and theft. If anything were to go missing or get damaged, you would suffer a loss. Whether that loss comes in the form of time, missed deadlines, money or all three, that can impact your project and your bottom line.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring can help protect your valuable assets. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch your site for suspicious activity, such as trespassers walking around after hours. When they see something, they can quickly assess the situation and act accordingly. In the case of this video, that meant our operator called to dispatch local police who were able to arrive while the suspects were still in the area.

When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we are watching a live crime, so they typically elevate the priority level. As a result, our solution facilitates hundreds of arrests each year.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your next construction project, contact us.