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Daytime Construction Site Break-in

Posted by Blake Mitchell on May 4, 2021

One Saturday afternoon, an individual carrying a cooler was seen by one of our Stealth Monitoring security operators trespassing on a Sacramento construction site. The suspect placed the cooler down and continued to explore the site. Our operator called to dispatch local police and give them the last known whereabouts of the intruder.

Minutes later, responding officers were on the scene. They intercepted the suspect, who was arrested and escorted from the site.

Construction sites are dangerous places. Factor in a trespasser who enters and doesn’t know the ins and outs of the site and a lot can happen, including injury to the trespasser and damage to your project.

How do you watch over your site when you’re not there? Simple. Remote video monitoring.

Trained operators keep a watchful eye on your project by monitoring analytics-based cameras. The cameras are equipped with technology that is programmed to alert the monitoring operator when something out of the ordinary is seen, such as a trespasser exploring the property.

The operator can assess the situation and take action. In this video, our operator called police as soon as the trespassers were spotted. The officers arrived while the suspects were still in the area and were able to make an arrest.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your next construction project, contact us.