Gate Tampering and Vandalism in an Apartment Parking Garage

Around 3:15 a.m., an individual was spotted using a crowbar to pry open the gate to an apartment parking garage in Colorado. The suspect entered the garage and stood by one of the cement columns. The person took out a can of spray paint and covered one of the security cameras, then walked out of camera view. A Stealth Monitoring security operator called to dispatch police.

Officers arrived minutes later. Three police vehicles entered the garage and drove past the area where the suspect had gone. However, two more officers on foot ran in just behind the patrol cars and caught the trespasser trying to walk out.

Vandalism is a crime, prohibited by state laws. The cost of the damage will determine whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor. Either way, it’s important to make repairs and clean up the damage quickly to let others know you care about your property and won’t allow any type of destruction.

You can also take proactive measures to help deter vandalism and other unwanted behavior with live video monitoring. Trained security operators monitor live security cameras when you’re away from the property to watch for suspicious activity. If they see something they can activate an on-site speaker warning and if necessary, call police. In many cases, like in this video, officers will arrive while the suspects are still on the property.

In addition, we have a team of analysts who can review footage from all relevant cameras and provide you, as well as police and insurance companies, with video evidence of any incidents that occur. This can help speed investigations and mitigate liability issues.

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