How to Protect Your Scrap Metal Facility Assets and Gain a Fast ROI

The scrap metal industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Thefts, especially those involving catalytic converters, have exploded because their metals resell for thousands of dollars. Considering it only takes a couple of minutes to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle, thieves see it as a worthy item to obtain for reselling.

Now, there’s a black-market industry for scrap metal that’s stirring trouble for recycling businesses. At any given time, a scrap facility has millions of dollars’ worth of metal on its property, including A/C, wires, and pipes all of which can contain copper. This makes scrap yards very enticing to criminals who believe they can score more metal from the yard.

So, what’s the best approach to protect a scrap yard’s valuable assets? This paper will explore the best ways to bolster security and help deter theft, including the components of a multi-layered solution.

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