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Individuals Playing with Guns Arrested at Apartment Community

Posted by Blake Mitchell on May 20, 2022

Sometimes the behavior of a resident or guest can become a safety risk. If this behavior continues, it could potentially make other residents feel unsafe. No one wants to live where they don’t feel secure. This is a key factor in minimizing vacancy and maximizing rental rates.

In May’s Arrest of the Month video, we caught three people playing with a gun in a multifamily community and called police. When you play with firearms, you’re likely to get burned.

Around 12:30 in the morning, we spotted three people playing with a gun in the corridor of an apartment building. One of our trained monitoring professionals immediately called to dispatch police, as well as the guard on duty. Four officers arrived minutes later. They located the suspects and placed them under arrest.

Keep the Peace at Your Apartment Building with Live Video Monitoring

One of the top concerns of people searching for a place to live is security. Understanding that crime can occur anywhere, property owners and operators can take steps to lessen their chances of becoming a victim of criminal activity, as well as minimize their liability.

A customized security solution that incorporates live video monitoring can help deter crime and mitigate risk. Trained monitoring operators use analytics-based cameras to catch activity as it happens. When suspicious behavior is spotted, the security professional can quickly evaluate the situation and act.

In this video, our operator saw the individuals playing with the gun and called the guard on duty as well as the police. This quick action helped stave off what could have been a dangerous situation.

Unlike a guard or courtesy patrol who can only be in one place at a time, our monitoring operators can watch multiple areas of a property at the same time. It’s a much more efficient security solution and can save up to 60 percent on security expenses.

Many multifamily communities, including the one in this video, use live video monitoring to supplement their guards. Others choose to replace them altogether and have great success.

If you would like more information about live video monitoring for your multifamily property, contact us.