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Large Group Attempted Late-Night Car Break-Ins

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 23, 2021

A group of people was seen at an apartment parking lot in the middle of the night. They were checking the door handles of multiple vehicles. One of our operators was watching and called police.

Officers were later seen scanning the property. An officer had contacted us to say the individuals had run off to a neighboring property, but they had detained seven people. Several, if not all of them would be arrested.

Between collisions and crimes, parking lots can be dangerous places. The right security solution can help protect your residents, staff and their vehicles.

A video surveillance solution can help keep valuable assets safe. However, not just any surveillance system will do. Unmonitored cameras can create a false sense of security, as well as potentially increase liability issues. In addition, if criminals know they aren’t being watched, that gives them a license to cause more trouble.

At Stealth, we watch surveillance cameras in real time, when you’re not there, to help reduce unwanted behavior throughout the community. In many cases, our service has made it possible for ownership to reduce monthly ongoing security expenses by up to 60 percent and the outcome has improved.

If you’re interested in learning more about a proactive security solution for your multifamily community, contact us.