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Late-Night Pool Party Broken Up

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 1, 2021

Shortly after 2 a.m., a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a group of young people climbing over the fence around the pool at an apartment community. Since it was well after hours, our monitoring operator sounded the on-site speaker warning and contacted local police. A few of the teens tried to flee, but officers arrived before they could get away. No one was arrested, but officers did make each individual call for a parent to come pick them up.

As part of their job responsibilities, apartment managers must help deter and prevent liability issues and injuries. This includes warning residents about potential dangers such as wet floors and broken staircases. It also means maintaining common areas like laundry facilities and pools.

A video surveillance system, especially one that is watched in real time, can help keep residents safe while decreasing and fighting liability claims. For example, in the video above, what would have happened if one of the teens had gotten injured, or worse, drowned? It could have turned into a liability issue if something had happened. Fortunately, our operator saw the whole thing, and everyone got home safely.

Live video monitoring operators can watch multiple areas of a property simultaneously to help prevent crime and mitigate liability issues – all for up to 60 percent less than traditional security guards.

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