Parking Lot Problem Areas

In the first incident, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted a pair trying to access cars in an apartment parking lot. Our operator called to dispatch police and give them details about the suspects whereabouts. The arrest isn’t visible on camera, but we did see their car getting towed.

The second incident took place just before 6:00 in the morning inside a California apartment parking garage. The two individuals were attempting to open the doors of multiple parked vehicles. Our operator contacted police. Officers arrived on the property and apprehended both suspects.

Halfway across the country in Dallas, a group of males was in the parking lot of an apartment community around 2:30 in the morning. They gained entry into one vehicle and unsuccessfully attempted several others. Our monitoring operator called police, who arrived minutes later and made multiple arrests.

Finally, a suspect was seen pulling on door handles in a San Jose, California parking garage around 2:15 a.m. Our Stealth security operator contacted the on-site guard and the police. Responding officers caught up with the individual and placed him under arrest.

Our monitoring center continues to see incidents like this on a nightly basis. It’s evidence that parking facilities need special security solutions.

Stealth watches live security cameras when you’re not there, to catch crimes in progress. We can quickly assess the situation and take action, which means activating speaker warnings and calling to dispatch police. By delivering our live video monitoring, we’ve repeatedly reduced onsite crime at hundreds of properties throughout North America while helping them save up to 60 percent on their security expenses.

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