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Parking Lot Security: Unlocked Vehicle Break-in

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Apr 6, 2021

It was 2:38 in the morning when a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone pulling on vehicle door handles in an apartment parking lot. The individual successfully accessed a pick-up truck and hopped inside. Our operator called to dispatch the police and contacted the guard responsible for watching the property.

In the video, officers are seen examining the truck and driving away. They did confirm with us that a suspect, who is a minor, had been taken into custody.

Keeping your apartment community safe and secure is a never-ending job. It’s one your residents rely on you to do without fail. One of the most vulnerable targets for crime at a multifamily property is the parking lot or garage. Thieves see an unattended lot full of vehicles as an opportunity to strike.

You can help protect your residents’ valuable assets with a cost-effective and successful security solution like live video monitoring. Using analytics-based cameras, trained security operators watch multiple areas of your community in real time. If they see something suspicious, such as someone lurking in the parking lot in the middle of the night, they can respond immediately.

Our proactive solution can cover more ground than a traditional guard and can save you up to 60 percent on your security expenses.

For more information about live video monitoring for your multifamily community, contact us.